Tuesday, April 10, 2012

De Tomaso Mangusta Ride, Ferrari Dino

I take a ride in an extremely rare De Tomaso Mangusta, 1 of 401 built. This particular example is a one of a kind, as it was the only Mangusta built with a Chevy engine (all others were Ford engines.) You can also see some great footage of a Ferrari 246 Dino driving alongside us!

Bill Michell was the designer of GM several decades ago. He was a fan of Italian sports cars, and he wanted a Mangusta for GM. However, the rival Ford engine that came with the car didn't sit well with him, so he demanded that it be made with a Chevy engine. The engine was recently dyno'd at around 345 horsepower and 370 lbs ft of torque. I would like to thank the kind owner of this car for allowing me the opportunity to ride and film this incredible piece of history!

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